Friday, February 19, 2010

Movie pick (week of 2-21)

First of all, I'm excited about Kevin Smith's "Cop Out". From all the commercials and previews I've seen, I'm sold on it. Bruce Willis playing a John Mclain character again and Tracy Morgan doing what he does best (overacting black man). I will see this movie but it's not my pick for the week.

That honor goes to " Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths", it releases on DVD February 23. I had the pleasure of attending the preview screening last night in Beverly Hills and I could not be more satisfied with this latest installment in the DC animated library. 

Those that remember the recent Justice League cartoon network series, will be in for a surprise at how different and dark this movie is. It does the what a live action Justice League movie should do, it takes all these classic stand alone characters and puts them, in an over the top action filled story but doesn't ever fall victim to that constraint story wise.

My favorite voice in the movie is, James Woods take on the alternate Batman known as Owlman. He didn't play an over the top villain, instead using a tone that makes you believe Batman could have easily been an awesome villain in DC comics.

If your looking for something to watch during next weeks storm, this is guaranteed to entertain comic and non comic fans alike.

I will have to come up with a ratings system in the future, perhaps 4 out of 5 black ties.

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