Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The age of 28

Two hours from turning 28, I'm wondering what others before me have done at this age. Perhaps Einstein won his nobel prize? Maybe this age isn't important at all. As I ponder the possibilities, I came across a few people that didn't make it past this age.

Brandon Lee was 28 when he was killed in an accident filiming James O Barr's " The Crow", I remember I was a child when I turned on the news and heard about the accident. It was also the day after I watched " Showdown in Little Tokyo", where he stared along side Dolph Lundgren. What would we have done without Universal Soldier.

Heath Ledger was also 28 when he passed away during the filiming of Dr. Parnassus. A good performance that was obviously over shadowed by his portrayal of The Joker in " The Dark Knight". 

The Big Bopper the name may sound familiar, I'm a little tired so if you want his synopsis consult your local wikipedia. What I do know is that when he went, he took La Bamba with him.

The lesson to be learned here, 28 is not the age to be. This blogger is going to his bomb shelter and waiting for 29.

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  1. If Pauly Shore can make it past 28 then so can you!