Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another weird moment in comics ( earthquake edition)

Tonight's moment comes from one of my favorite characters of all time Batman.


Looking at the archives of his head scratching moments, I came across a story arc called "Cataclysm". This tale reads like the script of a TV movie after a natural disaster with capes and spandex thrown in the mix. 

Our story begins when a large magnitude earthquake his Gotham city, the epicenter being a hop, skip and a jump from Wayne manor. The whole thing crumbles on top of Alfred and batman in the batcave, one can only hope that giant penny is acting as a buttress in the cave. While Batman is trying to get back to Gotham after being washed away by a tidal wave, his associates are all trying to rescue people from various locations. The next seven chapters of this story are spent rescuing survivors and stopping looters, all the while Batman apparently can’t swim back to shore. The only break this story takes is when catwoman tracks down poison ivy and stops her from spreading super manure into the city's water supply. 

 In the end, we find out the earthquake was caused by none other than that infamous and terrifying villain known as Quakemaster, because Egghead or King tut would have been too obvious. So Batman and Nightwing put a stop to this Quakemaster, Gotham city is closed off by the government and re named "New Detroit". This was before George Clooney did telethons for disaster areas. 

In the long run the story served as a jumping point to an arc with more depth known as "NO man's land", which is a must read as batman stories go. That story deals with the people and arkham inmates left in Gotham after the government seals it off.

Oh Batman what other real life problems can you deal with, perhaps slow internet? Or trying to make a return after the 30 day return policy is up?

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